Which of us haven't wondered why we go through hard times? Is there any value or purpose for the tough stuff? How do the hard times mix with the good times when our lives are looked at as a whole? What's God up to?

In this, just under 2 min Hope Generation Creative: Keys,  we come to a super beautiful understanding regarding the questions above! Watch it. Share it! And may the God of HOPE be with you!

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All of us face negative and scary things in our lives which cause FEAR.  If we walk through it alone, the outcome is not good. But, when we walk through it with the GOD who created the universe, those things we thought were NEGATIVE that caused such FEAR, actually turn into something beautiful, developing us into the humans we were created to be!

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Feeling defeated zaps our hope. But when we acknowledge that we are on the winning team because of who our God is and what He’s done for us all, we’ll have hope galore! The key for us as team players is to keep passing the ball back to the Star of the team. This truth is a life changer and hope builder!

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We all feel like absolute failures at times--just like some of the greatest and most intellectual people in history. It’s proven over and over again how they pushed through their failures, often creating masterpieces and coming up with inventive ideas.

Take a couple of minutes to watch this Hope Generation Creative and realize this is a message for you personally. Be encouraged to never give up! You are loved and designed by God. If you liked this video, make sure to let us know and share it with your friends!

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